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Escalation model for suppliers

Document Change Notification

Change Reson:
General: Change of Process Manager and Head of scope
Chapter 6: Information to Certification Body was updated for EL2/3/4

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2020-10-14 09:06
Downloads - New Structur

Dear Suppliers,

according to Webasto ONE Organization a new folder structure has been introduced into the Downloads section.

Globally standardized documents can now be found in the New - Global folder. Specific documents for the business units: Roof & Components, Energy & Components or Customized Solutions can be found in the BU and regional specific folders.

Thus, the Downloads folder structure is now in line with the organizational set-up, much more transparent and easier to handle.

For any further information don't hesitate to get in touch with your Webasto contact partners.

Your Webasto Purchasing team

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2020-07-20 14:57
North American Quality Fee

The North American region has standardized the quality complaint administration fees at $250.00 per occurrence for all locations effective July 1, 2020.
This includes the plant locations: Irapuato, Puebla, Rochester Hills, Lexington, Plymouth, Detroit.
An email notification with explanatory letter has been sent as well.

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2020-06-30 14:59
US Covid-19 Safe Restart

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed unique and unexpected challenges, changing the way we operate going forward. Therefore, Webasto is reaching out to you during these difficult times to ensure our mutual success as we return to work. To this end, we have uploaded a set of guidelines under Roof and Components- Americas to provide you with some useful information and examples of steps to be taken to ensure the safety of your personnel upon their return to work in our new environment. The safety information enclosed is for illustrative purposes only. Each supplier must consult the relevant safety measures in their region.

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2020-04-23 19:59
Supplier Statement Coronavirus

Supplier Statement Coronavirus – March 31, 2020
Short-time working of Webasto locations

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Die globale Wirtschaftslage verschlechtert sich aufgrund der Corona-Krise schnell und dramatisch. Fast alle Automobilhersteller schließen ihre Werke in Europa und Amerika.

Webasto hat sich daher für Kurzarbeit in den Standorten Stockdorf, Gilching, Hengersberg, Augsburg und Nürnberg entschieden.

Die Kurzarbeit in den o.a. Standorten wird bis auf weiteres immer freitags stattfinden, beginnend am 03.04.2020. Zusätzlich findet Kurzarbeit an den o.a. Standorten während der Osterferien vom 06.04.2020 bis einschließlich 17.04.2020 statt.

Selbstverständlich halten wir Sie über weitere Maßnahmen auf dem Laufenden und bitten um Ihr Verständnis und Ihre Unterstützung.

Webasto Roof & Components SE

i.V. Axel Berning i.V. Werner Vogl
Vice President Director Purchasing
Purchasing Europe Commodity Management Europe

Supplier Statement Coronavirus – March 31, 2020
Short-time working of Webasto locations

Dear Sirs,

The global economic situation is declining rapidly and dramatically due to the Corona crisis. Almost all automobile manufacturers are closing their plants in Europe and America.

Webasto has therefore decided to introduce short-time working at the locations Stockdorf, Gilching, Hengersberg, Augsburg and Nuremberg.

Until further notice, short-time work at the above-mentioned locations will always take place on Fridays, starting on 03.04.2020. In addition, short-time working has been decided for the above-mentioned locations during the Easter holidays from 06.04.2020 to 17.04.2020 incl.

We will keep you informed about further measures and ask for your understanding and support.

Webasto Roof & Components SE

i.V. Axel Berning i.V. Werner Vogl
Vice President Director Purchasing
Purchasing Europe Commodity Management Europe

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2020-03-31 13:19
Logistics Notification

Dear suppliers,

The logistics announcement for all suppliers who send goods to Webasto plants in Europe is now available under START Downloads -> NEW Roof & Components -> Europe.

Your Webasto SCM Team

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2020-03-30 16:34
New Tool Cost Breakdown

Dear all,

Please be informed that the global Webasto Tool Cost Breakdown Version 2.0 is now available on the Supplier Portal.

Please use the new document starting 1st January 2020 for all tooling quotations.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Webasto Group

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2019-12-18 12:57

Dear suppliers,

the Quality Guideline For Suppliers (QW1) has been updated from Version 20 to Version 21 and is now available in the START Downloads.

Your Webasto Purchasing Team

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2019-10-01 07:33
AP - Organizational Change

Webasto Accounting

Organizational changes at Webasto SE, Webasto Roof + Components SE and Webasto Thermo + Comfort SE in Europe

Dear suppliers,

we would like to inform you about an important change in the Accounting processes of our organization, which will become effective from November 19, 2018 onwards.

We will transfer some of our Accounting activities to the Webasto Office in Lisbon, Portugal. This means that your contact person will change for all requests regarding invoices and payments. We ask for your active support to make these changes as effective as possible. Your main contact person will now be based in Lisbon and the contact details for correspondence with Accounting are as follows:

Email for correspondence:

Please note: Use the above-mentioned email address only for inquiries, reminders and other correspondence (do not send invoices to this address).

E-Mail for sending invoices
Only with electronic invoice receipts can we ensure that your invoice is processed on time. If you already use electronic invoicing, there will be no further changes for you. For the switch to electronic invoicing, please refer to Appendix 1 to this information.

We strive to make this transition as efficient as possible and thank you for your understanding and active support.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Zaha
Director Accounting

Appendix 1: Switch to electronic invoicing:

Please note the following information regarding the switch to electronic invoicing using the email addresses below:

• Only for sending invoices (no inquiries, reminders or other correspondence)
• Invoices only in PDF format (several PDF invoices can be attached to one email)
• No additional shipping by mail in paper form (PDF is the original for us)
• Indication of the 10-digit purchase order number on the invoice
• One invoice per purchase order number (if possible no collective invoices)

Electronic invoicing to Webasto Roof & Components SE:

• Stockdorf:
• Schierling (series material):
• Schierling (other):
• Utting (series material):
• Utting (other):

Electronic invoicing to Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE:

• Gilching:
• Neubrandenburg:

Electronic invoicing to Webasto SE:

• Webasto SE Stockdorf:

P.S.: This Information has been sent out by e-mail in parallel to all suppliers in Europe.

Your Webasto Team

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2018-11-18 13:00
2019 Country of Origin Cert

Dear Suppliers that Ship to Webasto North America,

We’re excited to introduce a new, easier method for submitting your response to our upcoming 2019 request for Country of Origin Certification. The Webasto Supplier Portal, our key link directly to you, provides a streamlined way to make this chore a breeze!

Here’s how it works:
a. An email notification will be sent to your designated “COO Contact” on or before Sept. 7th, 2018 - (make sure you set one up now on the Portal, with “COO Contact” entered as their Position)
b. This email will provide instructions and a direct link to the COO Form, already pre-filled with all parts you have delivered to WEBASTO Roof Systems Inc. in the applicable period.
c. Simply complete the form and return it on the Portal – done!

For suppliers that are not yet registered on the Portal, now is your chance to register and participate in
this streamlined process.

Please note we are required by law to maintain documentation to substantiate the country of origin for all products and parts thereof. This request is being made in accordance with the Webasto Global General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Production Material. In case of non-compliance due to missing COO from suppliers, WEBASTO may be subject to fines from the OEM customers, which we will pass on to those suppliers that did not submit their form in time.

So please act now in making sure you have properly designated a contact on the Portal as “COO/Customs Contact”.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Any questions can be directed to your respective Webasto Commodity Buyer or Mr. Bill Bator, the
Customs & Foreign Trade Specialist.

Bill Bator
Customs & Foreign Trade Specialist
Webasto Roof Systems Inc.

Direct: 248-997-3719

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2018-08-21 22:17
Impact of Fire at Meridian

The fire at Meridian Lightweight Technologies has not only had an impact on several OEMs, but as a consequence will also impact Webasto Roof Systems Inc.’s production over the coming weeks.

We were informed by our customers that the fire at the Michigan plant of Meridian Lightweight Technologies caused them to shorten or shut down production in some of their plants, subsequently impacting their production call offs to Webasto.

Because of this, we ask our suppliers to closely monitor the actual releases through the standard way of communication being used (e.g. EDI, Supply On, e-Mail), and in case of doubts, to please contact the respective Webasto Roof Systems Inc. supply chain contact in the receiving plant immediately.

At this point we do not have the full transparency of the mid-term impact of this incident and will keep you informed regarding any updates on the supply situation as soon as they become available to us.

We appreciate your support and understanding in this challenging situation.

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2018-05-14 22:24

An alle Webasto Lieferanten

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

aufgrund eines technischen Fehlers stand unsere Supplier Quality Anwendung APPOS in der Kalenderwoche 15 im Zeitraum vom 11.-13. April nur teilweise zur Verfügung. Das Problem wurde durch JAGGAER verursacht und dauerhaft behoben. Seit Montag den 16. April steht Ihnen die Anwendung APPOS wieder uneingeschränkt zur Verfügung.

Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren Webasto Ansprechpartner.


To all Webasto Suppliers

Ladies and gentlemen,

due to a technical defect the Supplier Quality application APPOS was only partly available in week 15 on April 11th-13th. The issue has been caused and permanently resolved by JAGGAER. Since Monday April 16th the APPOS application is available again non-restrictively.

Thanks for your understanding. For any further question please contact your Webasto counterpart.

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2018-04-24 10:42
Delivery ratings available

Dear suppliers,

Since end of 2016 the delivery rating figures are available again on the supplier portal.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Your Webasto Team

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2017-01-12 08:41
Delivery ratings not available

Dear suppliers,

Unfortunately currently the delivery rating figures are not available on the supplier portal.

We are working intensively to solve it.

Your Webasto Team

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2016-12-14 15:59
New QW1 Version 18 released

Dear suppliers,

A new version of our QW1 was released:

QW1 Version 18 is now available.

Please go to the download section of our supplier portal to find the new version.

Thank you.

Your Webasto Team

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2016-11-03 17:36
Webasto Ramp Ups

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

2016 we are faced with several launches in our plants.

We would like to ensure a save and smooth rump up situation.

Therefore we would like you to follow our well known processes.

Correct labeling and submitting the documentations on time and complete is a must.

Especially sending us measurement reports for OTS parts will be requested consequently.

We will follow up this and reserve us the right to claim this.

Be a part of the Webasto quality send to our customers and ensure together with us a good launch quality.

Thank you.

Your Webasto Team

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2016-06-08 10:16

Welcome to our new START platform,
We are pleased to introduce together with our partner Pool4Tool our Supplier Transaction And Relationship-Management Tool called START.
On this portal you
• will find your actual logistic and quality key figures,
• can upload your certificates
• get the latest Webasto News concerning our suppliers and
• will receive RFQs from Webasto
Profit with us from the following benefits:
• START will be free of charge for you
• You will get Webasto RFQs from all of our subsidiaries and divisions
in the same standard and format
• It will help us to accelerate our decisions regarding your quote
• Your company profile will be available for the complete Webasto Group
• You will have one platform for your transactions with us and where you find your performance measures

A guideline “How to use START” can be found in the download section of our Supplier Portal.
If you do have further questions you can also contact your local purchaser or in case of handling questions the POOL4TOOL customer support.
POOL4TOOL Support Europe +43-1-80 410 50 or
POOL4TOOL Support America +1-248-434 1268 or
POOL4TOOL Support Asia +65-656 280 60 or

We are looking forward to a new chapter of a successful partnership with you.
With best regards
Your Webasto Team

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2016-05-17 14:52
Lieferanten Cabrio Europa

Bitte senden Sie die 8D-Reporte ab sofort an folgende E-Mail – Adresse:

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2016-04-21 08:49
Suppliers Convertible Europe


Please send the 8D Reports with immediate effect to the following e-mail address:

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2016-04-21 08:47