A guideline for the supplier portal can be found in the download section!

What is meaning and purpose of the Webasto Supplier Portal?

In terms of a value-adding partnership with our suppliers, Webasto wants to make future communication more intense and efficient.

An aim of this portal is to provide you basic information about Webasto as well as current news, form sheets and documents concerning the individual departments and regions of Webasto.
Furthermore business relevant core processes will be displayed step by step in the Supplier Portal, which will form the key in business relationship between our companies. The Supplier portal represents the future central hub for communication and processes between Webasto and its suppliers.

Which criteria must a supplier fulfill to enter the Webasto Supplier Portal?

He must be a released supplier of Webasto.
He must maintain an active delivering relation to Webasto.

How does the supplier registration occur in principle on the Webasto Supplier Portal (first registration)?

A Webasto supplier can register himself on the Webasto Supplier Portal https://suppliers.webasto.com by clicking on "register" on the first page on the right hand side. Followed by a registration process, at which the supplier has to fill out a one-sided user registration and at first registration additionally a company registration.
All further users of this company have to fill out the first side (user registration) of the registration process only. (See question “How to install other supplier user accounts on the Webasto Supplier Portal/eSourcing?”).
The registration request (at first registration of a company) then appears in the so-called "task list" of the responsible Webasto Commodity buyer. He/she checks the correctness and the status of the supplier to authorize the request or to reject it. This process may need some days.

What do you have to keep in mind when your company consists of different plants / locations?

Every production location with a separate D-U-N-S number (see question “What is a D-U-N-S number ...?”) has a Webasto a rating of it´s own and must register him-self on the Supplier Portal.
KAMs or central contact persons of these companies should register themselves at first and are responsible for releasing further users of their site.

How to install further supplier users in the Supplier Portal and the other Portal Applications?

After the first registration the respective supplier administrator, (i.e. the person who has registered first on the Webasto Supplier Portal) can release independently further "users" of his company.
At first they also must apply the portal entrance on the Webasto Supplier Portal (https://suppliers.webasto.com) by clicking on "register". Unlike the first registration, however, further users of a supplier must fill out only one single side with personal details (the so-called user registration). Via the D-U-N-S number the system checks automatically whether this company is already registered and who the correct supplier administrator is.
The registration then appears in the so-called "Task List" of the supplier administrator of this company who is informed in addition by e-mail about the registration request. Only he/she can edit the task list and decide whether the corresponding user of his company is existing and should have access to the Webasto Supplier Portal and the Portal Systems (Rating, eSourcing etc.).
Therefore the supplier administrator has to log in at the Webasto Supplier Portal and click on the link "My Profile / Task List" on the left side hand of the window. By clicking on “Process”, then "Accept" or "Reject" he can activate or reject each single user.

What is a D-U-N-S number and how to get a D-U-N-S number?

D-U-N-S = Data Universal Numbering System

The D-U-N-S number was developed by D & B in 1962 and stands today for an international standard number code for the clear identification of enterprise as well as to point out corporate structures.

Dun and Bradstreet (D & B) is an enterprise which makes business information available for credits, marketing and for purchase decisions.

Webasto needs the D-U-N-S number:
- as a key for the supplier identification in the Webasto Supplier Portal
- for the supplier identification in the Webasto ERP and the connected evaluation systems
- for the supplier identification for the Webasto Supplier Rating, eSourcing etc.
- to point out group connections ("family trees") of the Webasto suppliers

D&B allocates the D-U-N-S numbers with trade list statements etc. independently and informs the relevant suppliers about it in writing.

If there’s no D-U-N-S number known in your house (management or controlling etc.) yet, you can see under the following Internet link how you can apply for a D-U-N-S number: (for France, please chose “France” etc.)

How occurs the portal navigation generally?

You reach downloads and contacts of the different Webasto departments and regions and access to the portal applications (eSourcing, Ratings etc.) on the left in the central navigation menu.
Requirement: the user must be registered to use all restricted links and sides.

How to get access to the Portal Applications (eRating, eSourcing etc.)?

Every user has automatically access to all supplier portal applications without separate registrations. All applications are free of charge to the supplier.

How to solve the most frequently technical problems at the access to the Webasto Supplier Portal (Applications)?

To be able to access the Webasto Supplier Portal, the address https://suppliers.webasto.com over port 80 (protocol http) has to be switched free in potential existing firewalls.
For the indication of the pull-down menus JavaScript must be activated in your browser.
No pop-up blocker may be active.

Who is responsible for what?

Supplier Portal contents (downloads etc.)/Suppliers Portal registration/Webasto eSourcing inquiries and referring content:
-> the respectively responsible Webasto buyer

Release of further supplier users:
-> the supplier administrator (also see question “How to install further supplier users in the Supplier Portal/eSourcing?”)

Update of the supplier company or user data:
-> every supplier user by clicking on "My Profile / Task List" or the supplier administrator by clicking on “My Company / Performance” -> ""

Questions concerning the appliance of the Webasto eSourcing solution (how can I open drawings, how can I enter and edit prices, in which field I have to type the prices in):
-> contact the Webasto eSourcing / POOL4TOOL Support Hotline (Customer Service Center) under +43-1-80 410 50 or jdsupport@jaggaer.com

Questions on the registration requests or the content etc. of the Webasto Supplier Portal:
-> the Commodity buyer responsible for you/your company at Webasto.

How to enter the Webasto eSourcing System?

Via the supplier portal https://suppliers.webasto.com, main navigation menu “Applications” -> “Webasto eSourcing System”.

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